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  Monday, October 06, 2008

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Health Services and undocumented immigrants in New York

An article recently published in the New York Times: “Immigrants Facing Deportation by US Hospitals” in which hospitals mentioned deport undocumented patients. This created confusion among our community and some people commented that they will not assist hospitals to seek health services for fear of being deported.

It is important to clarify that both the state and New York City governments are pro-immigrants and our community should not be afraid to go to hospitals.

According to the mayor’s office Broomberg, these are some of the services that people without documents can receive:

* All children under 19 years are entitled to receive health insurance under SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program).

* If you have an emergency you can call 911 and request an ambulance and receive the necessary care.

* Domestic violence services.

* Prenatal care for pregnant women under the PCAP (Prenatal Care Asistanse Program).

* Emergency shelter.

* Food pantry services.

* Emergency Medicaid which covers the expenses of a person who has to be hospitalized.

* Breakfast and lunch in schools for children.

Press here for a complete list of services. NOTE: If you are a citizen, NYC resident or have documents to be in the USA then you have the right to many other services.

There is a phrase that says “better safe than sorry” and in this case applies perfectly. It is very important that you visit a hospital, health department clinic or other non-profit organization where you can take different free or low cost tests. If you do not attend on time, then it may be too late.

In the specific case of people who are tested for HIV – which is free – and get a positive result, they receive ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program) which is a type of insurance that covers visits to the doctor, dentist , Eye doctor, medications, blood tests, among several other services. It is very important that you take the HIV test and find out in time if you are a carrier of the virus that causes AIDS, since this way you can prevent getting sick to the degree that you have to be hopped for a long time, which will make it more difficult Your recovery.