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  Monday, October 06, 2008

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Surveillance cameras for hospitals

Installation of clinical video surveillance system

In order to secure your clinic, hospital, medical office, maternity or other health facilities you can contact us.

We install adapted video surveillance systems for medical centers.We can also take care of the maintenance of your video surveillance system as well as maintenance or repair.

We offer video surveillance for maternity homes, enabling parents to see their newborns at a distance. This allows parents to keep eye contact with their child.

Do not hesitate to contact our company for further information.

The benefits of video surveillance for healthcare facilities

Video surveillance in the medical sector offers many advantages:

the outside surveillance of the facility allows access control and avoids acts of vandalism and infractions,

video surveillance avoids theft as well as disputes ,

systems Video surveillance can make it possible to secure the medical establishment , to

install in the nurseries, video surveillance allows parents to keep a link with their baby, but also to secure the place ,

during operations, the surveillance cameras can make it possible to check if a Error has been committed and if there is any professional misconduct . In this way,

Regulation for health care institutions

The regulations impose constraints on places open to the public such as hospitals, maternity hospitals, clinics …

You must, first of all, inform the CNIL and the prefecture of the installation of a video surveillance system. At the prefecture agreement you must inform the patients and the employees of the installation of surveillance cameras in the establishment.

In addition, hospital environments are subject to medical confidentiality, so surveillance cameras can not be installed everywhere.

For all requests for documentation concerning these steps, our installers are at your disposal.

Camera kit hospitals

Video surveillance in hospitals is subject to several requirements: reliability, clarity of recording, flexibility.

We offer you the installation of surveillance cameras adapted to the needs of your medical establishment. We install analogue or IP video surveillance systems. If your establishment is already equipped with an analogue system we can offer you to upgrade your video surveillance system and gradually transform it into an IP system.

We can also offer you best entry level dslr cameras and video surveillance kits available remotely on the Internet. If you already have a video surveillance system,

How much does the installation of surveillance cameras for hospitals cost?

If you wish to install video surveillance cameras in your establishment (hospital, clinic, hp, maternity, medical practice, healthcare facility …) here is a comparative table of installation prices according to the camera kits . These rates may vary depending on the work to be done at your facility.